Mission: Through creative entertainment and comedy projects; we present tools anyone can use to live happier and healthier.

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Currently we have a full slate of shows for all media including: Talk formats, Digital Series, Sitcoms, Dramas, Feature Films, Podcasts/Live Radio Products and Services.

Our company comes directly from the life experiences of founder Ed Crasnick. As an Emmy winning writer and actor, comedian, producer and entrepreneur; Ed has spent over twenty five years in comedy and over thirty years in self-help and therapy. If he only could have held on to even half those funds, he would not be writing any of this now.

By creating, writing, producing, acting and hosting a wide variety of live, filmed and broadcast shows; Ed rediscovered something he knew as a child: when we embrace comedy and emotion together, nothing is more powerful, entertaining, and even life changing.

Self Help Comedy is a new kind of media, a new genre of entertainment. We use comedy and emotion instead of shock and drama to move viewers.


Makelight is: Transmedia and interactive projects in Television, Film, Documentaries, Branded Content, Video, Audio CD’s and Streaming Content, Web Series, Websites, Games, Blogs, Social Media, Apps, and more. 

Makelight Live: Events; Concerts, Comedy Tours, Live TV, Solo Shows and Plays.

Makelight Publishing: Self-help comedy books, Workbooks, pamphlets, calendars, greeting cards.

Makelight Community: Live shows and Programs